What does a Trustee do?


They ensure fair processes in resolving student, parent, and school issues. How? Working with senior staff and local education partners to bring together those needed to resolve an issue. Ongoing policy change through board motions where a gap or barrier to student achievement and well-being has been displayed to exist.


Continuing to strengthen the framework used for effective and transparent decision-making. How? Our Board Directors and trustee colleagues work together in seeking best practices from other jurisdictions and serving on the Policy and Corporate Services committee.

Policy Maker

Work to create policies that help to create a level playing field of learning and developmental opportunities, specifically spiritual, mental, and physical, for each student. Then monitor and evaluate the impact of these policies and make changes where necessary.


They advocate for students, parents, and school communities. They also champion for Catholic education, its promotion and protection with our partners and the community at large. How? Meeting with parents and students, and our education partners, including the Mayor and Councillors, MPP and MP. 


Meet with all levels of government, community partners, and local agencies, to ensure those who influence or control resources for our students and families hear the voice of our communities, understand the needs of our students, and take action.

Strategic Planner

The board of trustees has responsibility for developing Wellington Catholic’s strategic multi-year plan, and approving the annual budget, in support of the board’s mission and vision as an innovative Catholic education system which acts compassionately as a witness to our faith.


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